about us


Bunosilo.com (Buno- to weave Silo- To stitch in our mother tongue Hindi) was born out of an intent to promote sustainable model of made to order Handcrafted products of Small designers and Artisans of India. The completely online platform connects small designers and Artisans of India to the rest of the world. We feel that there are terrible inefficiencies in the way the Clothing and other fashion accessories are produced and are retailed. Every piece has to be manufactured in a range of sizes and minimum two-to-four new collections each year.

Orders need to be placed months before items hit the shelves and then what sells, and what doesn’t, is completely at the whim of the customer. If a style is hot, reorders can take months and by the time another round hits the store, the customer may well have moved on. Making the remaining stock as dead or sold at super discounts. Through our model of Made to order, we aim to distrupt this inefficient system of the fast fashion industry and its established infrastructures.

Working with Bunosilo on made to order model, the small designers don’t have to maintain high stock levels which ultimately lead to a huge amount of dead stock. This creates a win- win situation for both the Designers and the Buyers. The designers are able to provide high quality, hand crafted products at fair prices. And the Buyers find beautiful, unique hand made products specially curated for them, which can be customized and personalized as per there need and size at exceptional value and delivered to their door step anywhere in the world. Our product offering consists of apparel and accessories, home furnishing and décor, beauty and gifts.